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I just wanted to share with everyone just how happy I am with the BeActive Brace.

I injured my back all the way back in ’85 while working as a firefighter. Over the years, I have had many surgeries and doctor visits to try to correct it. I have had moderate success over the years in controlling the constant pain in my upper, middle and lower back along with pain down both legs.

I was watching TV one day and saw the Beactive Brace advertised and though, what the heck, for $20 I’ll give it a try.

After I got it, I put it on and immediately felt relief down my left leg. Although, it wasn’t total relief, it was enough for me to continue my activities. I think that it was definitely worth the $20 bucks for the amount of pain that was relieved. I wish the strap was just a bit longer though.

I wish I could say that it totally changed my life, but it did not. It was very helpful in relieving a lot of pain though. I will probably never have total relief in my back, but this is a great help.

You can read more reviews and order the BeActive Brace here!

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