Start Your Fitness Journey

  1. Start Over– Forget all of the awful memories you have of exercising. Forget the pain you may have felt and the shortness of breath that you probably experienced. Also, stop thinking about those high school days! None of these memories are going to motivate you or inspire you to workout. Think about what could be instead of what was!
  2. Prepare a Schedule– You are not the only person with a busy schedule that gives you now free time, but you need to be one of the select few people who MAKE time. If you can find just 20 minutes a day a day to dedicate to exercise, then you are starting off on the right foot. After that first week, add ten minutes to each of your workouts the following week.
  3. Take Small Steps– I promise you that any fitness goal you wish to achieve won’t happen overnight! You’ll have to work for it. So, take baby steps. Change one bad habit a day and work towards a better, healthier, lifestyle that way. You’ll have much more success!
  4. Try Something New– That kickboxing class that you have always wanted to take has spots open? Go for it! You won’t regret trying something new and exciting. Go for a bike ride, go horseback riding, run with your dog, just do something different. You won’t have any success if you get bored with your workout quickly.
  5. Get a Workout Buddy– Find someone who can be as equally dedicated as you! You WILL need this person to help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s no fun to workout alone, so you can even try to get the whole family involved.

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BeActive BraceI want you to forget all the reviews you have read so far about the Beactive Brace because this is probably one of the only posts that you will actually find from a real person!

I have never been someone who buys products from the internet, but this is one of the best items I have ever purchased! I want to tell you today that it ACTUALLY WORKS. Yes, I said it! It actually works! It is crazy to think that for years I have suffered with severe back pain and this was able to take away the pain in minutes.

My Beactive review is definitely a positive one. I wish that they had come out with this product years ago! It probably seems unbelievable that this brace works so well, but I am telling you it does. I didn’t believe my friends when they told me, so I had to see for myself.

Thank goodness I did because I feel like a new woman! After years of back pain and not being able to be very active, I am now active as ever. I go for walks with my grandkids, I ride bikes with my husband, and I have even started bowling again, which I haven’t done in probably an entire decade!

If you are thinking about giving it a try, I would really push you to do so. It is worth the money and you get two of them. So, you could even give one as a gift!

**Just a reminder they are sold in sets, so if you don’t want four then don’t double the order!

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I love learning new and useful tips about living a healthier lifestyle especially at this time of year! You cannot change everything all at once though, or you will never be able to reach your goals. I like learning a few new tips every once in awhile that way I can change my life a few steps at a time.

I recently suffered a back injury and have been searching for ways to strengthen my body and mind. So, today I want to share some tips about the BeActive Comfort Brace.

The BeActive Brace has really helped me get back on my feet and back into my fitness routine. I have felt very rejuvenated lately. You can learn more about BeActive Here.

Health Benefits of BeActive

Top 5 Benefits of BeActive

  1. BeActive Brace reduces both short term and sciatic back pain
  2. BeActive Brace hold comfortably while you are exercising
  3. BeActive Brace can benefit people with many different back problems
  4. BeActive Brace works on either leg
  5. BeActive Brace can take just a few minutes to relieve pain
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Pain Relief in 3 Easy StepsApply BeActive™ Brace using these simple steps.

STEP 1: If lower back pain is on the left side

Slip wrap on the LEFT leg with the (L) on the top, just under the kneecap. Center the (L) just under the left kneecap. The pressure pad should then be on the outside outer edge of the calf muscle. Note: If pressure pad is not on the outside outer edge of the calf muscle, adjust accordingly.

If lower back pain is on the right side:

Follow step 1, applying the wrap to the RIGHT leg with the (R) on the top just under the right kneecap. Then follow step 1.


With the wrap in the proper position, pull the strap through the loop fitting, pulling firmly forward across the front of the wrap. Be sure there is firm-strong pressure from the pressure pad on your outside outer edge of the calf muscle. Note: The wrap should feel tight, but not uncomfortably tight. Loosen slightly if uncomfortable, but keeping it firm.



Adhere strap to the brace.
Note: After tightening, if pressure pad is not on the outside outer edge of the calf muscle, adjust accordingly.

Learn More About BeActive Here!

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