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Eighty percent of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Current over the counter solutions include clunky back braces, smelly creams, and lots of pain medication.

The BeActive Brace was created by a physical therapist to revolutionize the way we treat low back pain at home. It was created by simulating specialized techniques from the clinic setting and infusing technology to turn it into a consumer product.

The Sicativ Nerve extends down from the waist into the lower leg. Tightening calf muscles pull on this nerve which increases tension up to the low back. The BeActive Brace uses patented compression on the calf muscle to release tension on the Sciatic Nerve.

The BeActive Brace is easily placed on the lower leg, just below the knee. When tightened, it provides point specific compression for fast and effective low back pain relief.

Now you can live, work, and play again!

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 photo BeActive-65_zps45ceb654.jpgI don’t know how anyone complaining about this product could possibly be telling the truth. I’ve had back pain for the last 10 years and was willing to try anything! I could barely walk or sit without pain, and forget sleeping in a comfortable position.

I bought the BeActive Brace online and it was the best As Seen On TV product that I have ever purchased. I can’t believe that it worked as quickly as it did. It took just a few minutes and I had NO pain at all. I can walk again without limping or feeling pain shoot through my back. I am totally in control of my life again and I couldn’t be happier.

This is a 5-star product in my book! I would certainly recommend it to a friend!

Order the BeActive Brace Here!

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I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have since I have actually tried the BeActive Brace myself. I’ve had many questions about whether or not the BeActive Brace is sold in stores. Many people have also asked if it really works. You can definitely find out by visiting my pages for the answers to these questions and many others!

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BeActive BraceBeActive is the newest and greatest product for pain relief. I was skeptical when I first heard about a brace that would help potentially decrease back pain. However, I was immediately proven wrong. I tried the brace today, as soon as I received it, and the results were almost instant.

I have had chronic back pain for years, and I have tried almost every product out there. So, I was definitely willing to take a chance on this one, and I am so glad that I did.

Your pain will disappear rapidly and you will feel instant relief. I can’t imagine a reason not to give this product a chance. You would really be doing your body a favor.

The best part is that I don’t have to worry about it showing. Under my clothes, it is almost completely invisible. No one will even know you’re wearing it! It’s also very comfortable. I am so glad that I have found this product and I will certainly be sharing all this info with my family and friends as well.



Hides comfortably under your clothes.
Stays in place until you remove it.
Can be worn to bed with no difficulty.
Helps you live pain free and active again.


Some people have a hard time getting used to a brace.
Have to pay extra for the upgrade.
Only sold in sets.

Order Your Beactive Brace Here!

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The BeActive Brace Works Like Magic! The BeActive Brace is the best solution that I have found for my back pain. It is so simple that I don’t know why anyone didn’t invent it years ago.

It works exactly as everyone told me it would. I simply slide it on my leg and use the Velcro strap to secure it and then it just a few minutes the pain is gone. It works like magic.

The brace applies pressure to certain points in the calf muscle to relieve the tensions on the sciatic nerve. This then causes the pain to be alleviated in your back.

There is nothing else out there like BeActive. No product compares! You can try pain medicine, go to the chiropractor, or use drug stores braces, but there is nothing that works as well as this.


I’d definitely recommend it to a friend. It is guaranteed to help anyone out there in need of inexpensive and immediate pain relief!

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Back pain can affect almost every move that you make, and the largest nerve in your body can make your life miserable when it hurts. The Sciatic Nerve extends from your lower spine down into your leg. It can affect your knees, ankles, calves, and even the soles of your feet. Whether you think your sciatica is acute or painful, the BeActive Brace can help.

The BeActive Brace is a revolutionary discovery that can relieve the sciatic pain that can be hard to tolerate and impossible to ignore. The BeActive Brace uses pressure to target specific areas on the calf to release the tension on the sciatic nerve. The way that the brace targets certain spots on your leg helps to decrease pain and improve mobility.

Most braces are often large and bulky, and have many straps. However, BeActive is slim and only has one Velcro strap to alleviate back pain. BeActive is quick and easy to us. It also fits discreetly under clothing, so it draws no attention to your leg.

BeActive gives you the opportunity to live your life pain free again. So, take the action to fight uncomfortable sciatic pain and order your BeActive today.

Learn more About BeActive Here!

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BeActive BraceI had lost hope after suffering with back pain for years. I searched for help everywhere. The chiropractor couldn’t fix it, pain relief didn’t help, and massages only made it worse. I didn’t know what else to do.

Then I found BeActive. BeActive really worked to relieve my back pain. I didn’t think it would because it was just a TV product. However, it really did relieve the pain in my lower back within minutes. The brace compresses the right spots on my calf to eliminate the pain through my leg and back.

I had seen so many “miracle” as seen on TV products that I almost didn’t even try BeActive. Then a friend told me I had to get it. She said she really thought it would help me. I was pretty skeptical of course, but she was right. I am able to live my life again pain free all thanks to the BeActive Brace.

Order BeActive Here!

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Does the BeActive Brace Work?The BeActive Brace is an As Seen on TV product that is said to relieve back pain caused by Sciatica. The modifiable brace uses pressure to decrease the nerve impulses that shoot up your legs and into your lower back. It is available in black and will work on either the right or left leg. The BeActive Brace is also moderately inexpensive.

This is a product that I have read hundreds of reviews for, and the majority of them prove that this product really works! There are countless stories about how the brace took away sciatic pain in minutes. I’m not sure why people wouldn’t give this product a chance! It isn’t expensive and it is proven to work. If you personally know anyone who has tried it, they can tell you how amazing the results are.

By targeting specific points, the brace is able to alleviate back pain caused by Sciatica. However, it is not just for sciatica. I have heard multiple stories about people using it for knee problems. My son used it during soccer practice the other day because his knee really hurt and within minutes he said the pain was barely noticeable anymore.

This is a product that truly works and I encourage you to try it if you are thinking about it. It is worth the money and if you don’t like it you can send it back for a full refund!

Order the BeActive Brace here!

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Burn 200 More Calories Everyday

It’s totally possible to burn more calories everyday. You just have to make the decision of whether or not you are willing to take the small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Your body naturally burns calories all day long, but who wouldn’t want to lose more? With these easy-to-follow daily routines you could burn 200 more calories everyday!

Walk everywhere you can!

If you are going to eat lunch at work, and are within walking distance of restaurants, just walk there. If you need to stop at the post office and it’s just down the road, then take a brisk walk. Make sure you always have a pair of sneakers in your car, so that when the option to walk presents itself you can do it. You’ll be saving on gas, helping the environment, AND burning more calories.

Take the stairs!

I know how tempting it is to take the elevator everyday, but the stairs will get your heart pumping and burn a few more calories each day. No matter where you are, the mall, work, school, opt for taking the stairs everywhere you go. You’ll be burning big time calories in no time with this step!


Play outside!

Many of us have children to keep us on our toes. So, this is an easy way for us to burn more calories. Take the kids on a bike ride or go for a walk with the stroller. You’ll be spending more time with your kids and burning tons of calories at the same time.

Park far away!

It is such a pain to try and find spots close to stores or work anyway, so this is the perfect time to squeeze in some additional exercise. If you park farther away from work you’ll burn extra calories on the way in and out everyday. You could even park on the total opposite side of the building to make your walk even longer.

Walk the dog!

Your dog probably needs a certain amount of exercise each day to get that hyper-ness out of his system. So, a walk would be great for both you and him. If you make it a routine, you doggy will love you and so will your body.

Laugh more

Laugh more!

Laughing burns calories too! What better way to burn calories than by having a good laugh. You could go to a comedy show or stay at home and watch a funny movie. Find something that makes you laugh and enjoy every single calorie-burning minute of it!

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ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 8

If you love to run, and look stylish at the same time, then these are perfect shoes for you. You won’t find a more brightly colored sneaker for your runs. They are super lightweight and comfortable, and an overall incredible running shoe. ASICS also have great reviews anywhere you look on the internet. Learn more about ASICS Women’s Gel-Noosa Tri 8 Running Shoe here!

Mizuno Wave Rider 16

These are the ultimate running shoe. They are super comfortable and can be worn for hours. That’s perfect for all you long distance runners. They are also colorful and stylish, which is a nice bonus. Learn more about Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe here!


Merrell Barefoot Access Arc 2

If you like to run barefoot, or as close to barefoot as you can get, then these are the best running shoe for you. Barefoot running can be risky, but with these shoes you can still get a great ‘barefoot-ish’ run. They are made of a very breathable material, so they will stay cooler and dryer much longer. They also weigh a measly 6.6 ounces! Learn more about Merrell Women’s Barefoot Run Bare Access Arc 2 here!

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Nike Air Max

Nike’s are a very well known brand and will forever remain on the list of top running shoes. These sneakers are super durable and sturdy. They are great for runners that need extra support and stability. They are not the lightest running shoe, but still not too heavy. Nike Air Max’s are also made of breathable material so they will keep your feet cool and dry while running. Learn more about Nike Women’s Air Max 2014 here!

saucony-guide-7-womens-blue-right_3Saucony Guide 7

Saucony’s are a great shoe for runners who want the perfect amount of flashy. If you don’t want to stand out too much, but also don’t want a boring running shoe then these are a great choice. They are very comfortable and can also be worn for hours. Let’s not forget to mention how flexible they are! Learn more about Saucony Women’s Guide 7 Running Shoe here!

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