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We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about the Be Active Brace. The countless stories about people getting their life back on track and back to doing the things they love brings us great joy!

If you would love to share your story, then we have a great opportunity for you! We are currently seeking real customers with real results to appear in an upcoming TV/Web commercial in the New Jersey area. We want to hear all about your life changing story.

If you want to share your story about being active again then please send an email to for a chance to be on a real commercial!

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BeActive Can Help with SciaticaSciatica is pain in the lower back stemming from the Sciatic nerve. The pain from Sciatica is usually felt in the lumbar region of the back all the way down to behind the knee.

The Sciatic Nerve is the largest in the body and begins from nerves in the lower back and travels through to the buttock area to send nerve endings down to the lower limb.

This is a very intense pain that is felt by many. Some people do not even know that they have Sciatica. Those most likely to be affected are between 30 and 50 years of age.

There are no cures for Sciatica currently. Some of the only options are prescription medications and muscle relaxants. These drugs can make people highly dependent and are not the best option.

Something I have found to truly alleviate my Sciatic Pain is the BeActive Brace. I wear the Brace for just a few hours a day and notice a dramatic difference. I am able to be more active now that I’m not in pain, and that has helped to dramatically increased my health and fitness.

BeActive is inexpensive and the brace Is really worth the money. So, why not give it a try?

Learn More About the BeActive Brace Here.

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Easy to follow tips to help you learn to love running!

  1. Forget the Past: All of those negative thoughts you have about running simply get out of your head now. Forget about gym class and how much you dreaded it! Get rid of those negative thoughts in your mind about running because it is one of the most freeing and rewarding exercises you can do.
  2. Slow Down: Don’t make the mistake of tacking on too many miles too quickly. If you try and overdo it at first then you will end up in the same place that you were the last time. Running should be enjoyable and you should feel great at the end of your run.
  3. Grab A Buddy: You are much more likely to stick to your workout if you have someone do it with you. Have a friend start running with you, that way you guys can get better together and keep each other from quitting.
  4. Pump up the music: Listening to your music on your run can be super beneficial. I like to use Spotify to help me find music for the workout activities that I am doing. They have a lot of options.
  5. Don’t Push Too Far: I recently pushed too far and I have had horrible back pain to the point where I have to wear a brace. Don’t push to the point where you are going to get injured, your body will tell you. I now use the BeActive Brace while I run because it works great, but I wish that I hadn’t pushed past my limits in the first place.
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