I want to start by saying that I really like this product. I thought it worked incredibly well, and that it was worth the money. Even though I have positive reviews of the product, I have read and heard much of what other people do, and do not like as well. Here are the pros and cons that I have read about BeActive

BeActive BraceReduces Back Pain
Fits Many Different Leg Sizes
Inexpensive Stays Firmly In Place
Fits Discreetly Under Clothing

Slow Delivery
No Medical Backing
Poor Customer Service
Must Order Online
Only Available In One Color


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2 Thoughts on “BeActive Brace Pros and Cons

  1. myron robbins on September 26, 2014 at 3:05 pm said:

    i ordered my beactive brace a couple of weeks ago– as of yet i have not recieved any information or the braces… it shouldnt take 2 weeks or more to recieve an order from pa. to minn.— what is the hold-up??? if i didnt need the braces, i would not have ordered it!!!!

    • It says on their website that it ships within 30 days. So, you will probably be waiting a little longer. Mine took awhile to get to me too. It was worth the wait though. Best of luck!

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