BeActive BraceThe BeActive Brace really works great for me. I don’t have very small legs, but there is plenty of room in the BeActive Brace for me to fit into. I have had really good luck with the brace and have seen a great improvement in my back pain overall. I did have a friend though, who didn’t have the same great effects. He moved it around on his leg a few times and finally found the spot and it worked wonders for him too. His sciatica is also worse then mine, so that could be why he didn’t get relief right away.

I used to wake up during the night all the time because my back would be throbbing. However, it doesn’t happen anymore with the BeActive Brace. I haven’t woken up since I started wearing it. I think that if you are on the fence about purchasing, it is definitely worth a shot. You can always take it back if you don’t find that it works. All I can say is that it really worked for me and that I am happy with my purchase. You won’t know until you try it for yourself.

Learn more about BeActive here!

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